What is VOA|ReST?

ReST = Resilience. Strength. Time.

VOA|ReST 4 First Responders are confidential, small group sessions that support and maintain emotional resilience by offering:

VOA|ReST volunteer speaking on video call with diverse colleagues on online briefing with laptop on sofa at home.

What You Can Expect
From VOA|ReST Sessions

VOA|ReST 4 First Responders group sessions welcome all First Responders across the United States to connect in a trusted environment with other First Responders. Anything shared within the group remains confidential allowing everyone an opportunity to speak freely without fear of judgment or repercussions. Peers have the opportunity to bring their real selves – no need to be tough, no need to hide emotions.

Discussions are facilitated by trained peer specialists using strategies with healing dimensions, but VOA|ReST 4 First Responders is not a treatment program or therapy.

Online group sessions are held almost every day, are completely free, and last for about one hour. A participant will need a quiet space and a mobile device, connected to the internet. Although not required, video access is preferred to foster communication and empathy between attendees.

Each hour consists of the
following four components:


(confidentiality guidelines, definition of purpose, intro to deep listening)

Moral Distress Processing

(mindfulness breathing practice, guided meditation, sharing)


(encouragment, supportive feedback)


(positive personal statements, reflection on time together)

Who We Serve

The Impact of Moral Injury on First Responders

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